What is a blockchain oracle?

Orcfax is an oracle designed to publish real-world data to the Cardano blockchain for use by smart contracts. The project is currently in a R&D phase which is being led by Peter Van Garderen and his development team. Orcfax is receiving additional design and development support from the Cardano experts at Mlabs. The first Orcfax fact statement feeds will go live on Cardano Mainnet in Q1 2023.

Peter Van Garderen is a software developer and professional archivist. He holds a graduate degree in archival science and a distinguished alumnus designation from the University of British Columbia’s Information School. Dating back to medieval times, the archival profession has maintained standards and practices for protecting and demonstrating the authenticity of documents and information resources. Peter is a pioneer in developing free and open-source software systems that implement these standards for trustworthy archival repositories.

Peter is the founder of Artefactual Systems, a bootstrapped free and open-source software company based in Vancouver, Canada. Artefactual Systems provides development and hosting services for the hundreds of trusted memory institutions worldwide that have deployed the Archivematica and AccessToMemory solutions that he developed. Peter has lectured widely on archives technology and has coordinated an international academic research project on the authenticity of digital records.

Peter is also a long-time decentralization advocate and researcher, building prototype tools for both the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. He has spoken on applying archival principles to Web3 technology at the first Decentralized Web Summit hosted at the Internet Archive in 2016. In 2020, he led development teams that won several Filecoin hackfests.

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Tackling "The Oracle Problem"

Peter Van Garderen's long-time experience in both digital archives and blockchain technology led him to see the record-keeping and authenticity shortcomings in first-generation oracle platforms and how they are tackling the oracle problem.

The Orcfax project is an opportunity for him to apply his expertise to resolve these issues and improve the long-term reliability and trustworthiness of Web3 tools. As a result of this R&D process, Orcfax is now poised to implement the most comprehensive and "trustless" solution to the oracle problem in the entire blockchain space.

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