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Abstracting data access in web3 systems

Abstracting data access in web3 systems
by Ruben Verborgh

The diversity of data consumed by apps in a truly decentralized web3 architecture is spread across multiple servers and different APIs. Access to this network of information resources is so complex and ever-evolving that developers and their codebase can't anticipate underlying changes fast enough. It requires a systematic and reusable approach.

There is a need for a seamless developer experience in which they don’t need to express how and where to fetch data, but only what data they want to work with.

As part of our prototyping work for the Orcfax decentralized oracle pool, we are experimenting with Ruben Verborgh's thoughtful design wherein apps can pretend the world still looks like JSON and query it via GraphQL on the client side all while underlying libraries handle the heavy lifting in RDF.

We agree with Verborgh that linked data is currently the only real candidate purposely designed for the types of complex knowledge graph environments we should expect to encounter going forward in any truly decentralized web3 architecture.