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What is the real world?

What is the real world?

Orcfax is a trustworthy earth data oracle. It publishes information about the real world as data inputs to blockchain smart contracts. You may know what an oracle, smart contract and blockchain is, but how well do you know the real world?

There are lots of metaphysical, philosophical, and religious theories about what created this reality and all the other dimensions that humans cannot perceive. The Orcfax domain model explicitly excludes these theories and focuses on information available through our five senses and instrumentation technology.

Orcfax provides a UTF-8 English language glossary so that people and software agents operating within its domain can perceive concepts the same way.

It provides a clear meaning for key words.

It avoids the complexities of the symbol grounding problem which gets caught up in more philosophical questions such as the intrinsic meaning of symbols as words.

Orcfax implements Domain Driven Design which recognizes that the same words might have different meaning in different contexts. The glossary must be internally consistent and define supporting concepts so that they are logically grounded.

This allows the domain model to be rooted in core concepts like space and time.

Space-time together is a conceptual model at the root of the Theory of Relativity. It combines three dimensions of space with one dimension of time. Anything that happens within this four-dimensional grid is called an event.

Reporting on events is what oracles do.

Orcfax uses best practice standards for describing space, time, and events. Together these provide a grounded definition for the real world.